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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beauty Queens....A confession

I'm not your typical Beauty Queen or a least not what society wants everyone to perceive as the typical beauty queen. Most days you will find me bumming around in sweats or jeans, hair pulled back in some fashion and make-up free. I don't have time to be high maintenance and I don't have the energy. Like most women I have too much to do and not enough time to do it and so I often cut out the extras... If I'm not going out in public make-up, hairspray and real clothes are extras.
In addition to not meeting the glamazon criteria for being a beauty queen; I don't enjoy beating others down with hateful comments on discussion boards. I don't have thousands upon thousands of dollars to spend on a wardrobe, I actually only own 4 gowns. I have a brain and a voice and I use both. I don't compete because I NEED another crown. My crowns & sashes are not on display and rarely come up in conversation. I'm honestly happy for whomever wins the crown as I stand clapping in the background. I believe the title of Miss Congeniality is an honor and not a pity prize. I don't have a talent or a ready prepared song, dance or instrumental piece to use on a moments notice. I've never put Vaseline on my teeth. I HATE a french pedi-cure, on my toes. I don' t have a trainer on speed dial or retainer. I enjoy food, love me some french fries, and I only exercise because I have to for my health, I can't afford to gain the 85 pounds I threw away back again (I don't use the word loss b/c they aren't lost I know right where they are). I frequently loose competition because I am too candid with the judges in interview and I've yet to perfect the glide.

All of that said I do really want world peace and will NEVER understand why we can't just get along. I do believe that one voice can bring about change. I have taped and sprayed body parts to keep them in place on stage. I've smiled so long my face hurt at the end of an evening. I've met some of my best friends while competing for the same title. I seriously LOVE shoes, I'd explain why but I think my good friend DeAnna Linz says it better in her blog and I'm like a month to a flame when it comes to anything sparkly and shiny... come to think of it maybe I am a typical beauty queen.... and I'm OK with that. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.. let's hope it's about jewelry.

\^^^/ Ang

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