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Monday, August 2, 2010

Waterfalls.... A Confession

My hubby , Jared and I, love waterfalls. I mean we REALLY REALLY REALLY love waterfalls. We spent our honeymoon waterfall hopping along he North Shore of Lake Superior.

I can spend hours sitting by them listening...watching... climbing over rocks and trees to get the best view, best picture.
We are now passing the obsession on to our kids. Each year we are aiming to visit at least one waterfall. Last year our trip took us to the North shore of Lake Superior in October where the leaves were showing their falls colors, the waterfalls flow under the highways and where we saw these:

The kids at Caribou Falls

Hidden Falls on the Temperance River

Temperance Falls which flow right under the highway

Cross River Falls which also flows under the highway

Cross River Falls after it goes under the Highway

The Whole Family at High Falls at Tettegouche State Park

Step One of Two step Falls at Tettegouche State Park

Step two in Two Step Falls at Tettegouche State park

Upper Gooseberry Falls

Middle Gooseberry Falls

Lower Gooseberry Falls

This year our summer waterfall trip took us to the MOTHER (at least in North America) of all waterfalls... at Niagara Falls!!!! Where we rode the Maid of the Mist, got SOAKED to the skin and walked the entire park looking at the amazing falls!
Photo credit: Al Melhinch
Many people don't realize that Niagra Fall is actually made up of 3 seperate falls: American Falls, Bridal Veil falls and Horseshoe or Canadian Falls. Collectively they are called Niagra Falls because they are on the Niagra River.

The whole family at Horseshoe falls after riding the Maid of the Mist... thus the wet hair.

Horseshoe falls, these are the ones people refer to as Niagara Falls, they have the most water going over them at 600,000 gallons a second.

The whole family overlooking American (furthest away in the picture) & Bridal Veil (closest to us in the picture) Falls

Anyone got a barrel?

Up close of Horseshoe falls..... that's A LOT of water!

As you can see it was awesome and made us super excited for our fall trip and the falls of Watkins Glen State Park in New York! Where we will get to see 19 falls all on about a mile and half walking loop!!! Hey if your interested in falls.... let me know and I'll help you find some awesome ones near where you live :) I now return you back to your regularly scheduled programing.

\^^^/ Ang


  1. You came by it naturally, as I used to take you kids to falls and any other water outlet I could find. Remember our trip to Anna Ruby Falls...such fun.

  2. I do remember that trip... If you stumble on pictures of that trip while going through things send them to me :)

  3. Great pics! Any one of these family shots would make a great Christmas card!


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